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                                Yacov Feldman

           Melikhovski str. 6 ap.50      phone:  406-51-22
           Moscow                            email:

SUMMARY:        Experienced Computer Programmer with diversified skills
                in all phases of application design, development,
                and implementation.

HARDWARE:       IBM PCs and compatibles, HP, IBM 360/370 mainframes.

SOFTWARE:       C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML
                MS SQL Server, MFC, Oracle.
                MS-Windows, MS-DOS, UNIX (HP-UX) CDE.
3/1997 - present      Ventura Communication Internet Ltd. Tel-Aviv, Israel
                    Senior Programmer/Analyst/Project manager.

Experienced in full life cycle of intranet/Internet system development including C++/ISAPI, Java Applets, Database/ODBC programming on MS SQL Server, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, Windows NT Server, MS IIS 3/4.

Designed the infrastructure and implemented key pieces for the web-centric application to automate web-site creation and maintenance. The application is widely used by ISP's and in big Internet and Intranet-based systems. The application was developed with Visual C++ 5.0-6.0/MFC and Java, utilizing MS SQL Server back-end.   

1999 (March - now) CyberVision, Moscow, Russia.

 Web-based system for testing process. (MS SQL 7.0, Cold Fusion)
  NetManager - system for monitoring of large networking.
        (developing of some Java-components, CORBA+JDBC+Oracle)

1997 - 1999        VCI, Tel-Aviv, Israel,
                      Analyst / Project Manager
Web-based system (Windows NT+ MS SQL, ASP, ColdFusion)
Web application Generator TreeWay ( - core components (C++, Java)

1995 - 1997         Algorithmic Research Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel
                    Senior Programmer/Analyst.

    Developed client side GUI front-ends for the PC-based client-server
    system, and data decription algorithms for processing information
    coming from a special cryptographic server machine.    
    Visual C++ 4.0-4.2/MFC.

1993 - 1995         Telrad Co., Lod, Israel
                    Staff Engineer.

    Developed user interfaces and real-time data processing subsytems
    for a large complex managing newly built telephone stations.   
    Visual C 1.51 on 16-bit Windows platforms.

1987 - 1992         Institute of Economics, Moscow, USSR

    Responsibilities included development of mathematical algorithms,
    and programming for economic modeling and forecasting.
    C, MS DOS.
1983 - 1987         Municipal Computer Center, Moscow, USSR

    Developed mainframe and PC software for big Data Base systems.
    PL/1, ADABAS, C.
1978 - 1983         Zenith Research Institute, Moscow, USSR
    Responsible for Data Base systems programming and maintanance,
    Assembler for IBM 360/370, PL/I.


    1992 - 1993     DSI, course of C / C++ programming. Tel-Aviv, Israel.
    1973 -1978      MS in Math, major in Computer Science.
                    Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR

LANGUAGES:      English - fluent, Russian - native, Hebrew - fluent.

REFERENCES:     Available upon request.