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Where is the power of the new concepts?
Logics of many processes may be described in these terms.

Great French Revolution was the battle between nobles and clericals on one side and capitalists and peasants and poors on the another side.
Society are under control of two systems, orders system (1-3-5) and ideas system (2-4-6). Firm control need to hold both of them. Rule of domination(2) the mostfirm cooperation is between odd and even level, such as nobles(3) and clericals(4). There are 2 another unions against them. Poors and peasants (1-2) and capitalists and scientists (5-6). First these unions go together against 3-4 but after victory? Jacobins (1-2-3), Napoleon (1-3-5)...

Any epochs is ruled by 2 cooperated classes.

What did Luther do?
He drove clericals from nobles to cooperate - to capitalists to cooperate.

1999 Yacov Feldman
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