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Rules of Domination

Suppose 2 person (A,B) conflict and suppose their levels (a,b) are known.
If it is so, the result of the conflict is known too.
There are 3 possibilities

1) a = b
2) a - b = + - 1
3) another case

Case 1 - concurrency.
Case 2 - cooperation "older - younger".
Case 3 - the fool kills the clever one.

Why do the groups develope?

Education reproduces the pattern level.
But there is a Gauss' mistakes, so it is
There are graduated with level higher then pattern, and graduated with level below the pattern level. Graduated with level=pattern+1 are respected (see rule 2) and accumulated. Some day the take pattern to their level. So nex epoch is started

So self-inducing development of pattern inside educational system is an egin of any groups' development (includinf mankind development)

1999 Yacov Feldman
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